Standards for Distance Learning

2012 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Dr Mitch Parsell

Fellowship years: 2012 - 2013

Abstract: Distance learning needs to be treated in parity with regular face-to-face teaching, and to achieve the same outcomes and standards. Despite this, expertise in delivering the teaching and applying standards to this different mode is far less advanced. The fellowship will develop standards for distance learning. The standards will be evaluated for use in self-assessment and collegial peer review. The potential of the standards for intra-institutional benchmarking will also be assessed. The standards will be explicitly and deliberately aligned with the TEQSA Standards Framework and sensitive to the specific context of distance learning. The fellowship will employ a collaborative approach: both the standards and the peer review process will be tested by colleagues from participating universities. The fellowship will conduct self-assessment of Macquarie University against the standards, provide an analysis of the potential for intra-institutional benchmarking, and generate protocols on the use of standards in collegial peer review.

Fellowship discipline: Cross-disciplinary

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