Student assessment for learning in and after courses

2007 ALTC Senior Teaching Fellow

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Emeritus Professor David Boud

Fellowship years: 2007 - 2009

Abstract: This Fellowship addresses the question: 'how can assessment enhance learning in and after courses?' It links international research on how assessment can have a beneficial influence on student learning with Australian policy and practice. It does this through a multi-stage process: (a) An international and national team of expert collaborators identifies key ideas and practices with a sound empirical base. (b) Selected groups of university teachers and managers work with these ideas and practices to identify fruitful initiatives for implementation in the overall Australian and local institutional contexts. (c) They then collaboratively identify strategies to bring about change in assessment at national and institutional level. The program focuses on disciplines with typically large classes and disadvantageous staff/student ratios such as business and law.

Fellowship discipline: Assessment, Education

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