Students as partners: reconceptualising the role of students in degree program curriculum development

2015 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Dr Kelly Matthews

Fellowship years: 2015 - 2017 (year due to complete)

Abstract: This fellowship, with students as partners as its centrepiece, will harness student insight and creativity to transform science curriculum so that students' graduate with a clear sense of learning outcomes and employability skills. The fellowship activities will highlight and outline the benefits of students as partners, for both students' own understanding of their graduate learning outcomes and academics' understanding of curriculum designed to build them. A diverse set of high profile and impact activities will be undertaken involving establishing a community of scholars, mapping national practices, piloting student-academic partnership activities in the context of The University of Queensland Bachelor of Science review, developing broadly applicable guiding principles for students as partners approaches with case studies, and facilitating national workshops. By linking with international experts and peak Australian bodies, the fellowship will stimulate and shape a national debate on the role of students in curriculum development and will be used as a catalyst to build national and international networks.

Fellowship discipline: Natural and physical sciences