Subject of Inquiry and Mode of Instruction: Indigenous bodies, Indigenous studies and cultural safety in Australian Universities.

2014 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Dr Chelsea Bond

Fellowship years: 2014 - 2016 (year due to complete)

Abstract: Australian universities have expressed a strong commitment to enhancing Indigenous cultural competency so that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous graduates can contribute to ‘closing the gap’ in Indigenous disadvantage. This has led to a sustained push within the higher education sector to Indigenise the curricula across a wide range of disciplines beyond specific Indigenous studies, courses and programs. The fellowship seeks to enhance the cultural safety of Indigenous academics who teach Indigenous studies within Australian universities in order to strengthen the quantity and quality of Indigenous educators within the sector. It will involve the development of collaborative multi-institutional responses to the challenges facing Indigenous academics who are culturally isolated and often subjected to hostile and confronting learning environments. These strategies will be informed by the experiences of emerging Indigenous academics and the collective wisdom and expertise of established Indigenous academics and institutions. The program of activities will include; a symposium series, teaching exchange opportunities between institutions, and the development of an Indigenous academic network and formalised educator mentoring arrangements, as well as the development of a best practice toolkit for Indigenous academics.

Fellowship discipline: Indigenous Studies