Success factors for implementing learning design

2011 ALTC National Teaching Fellow

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Professor James Dalziel

Fellowship years: 2011 - 2013 (year due to complete)

Abstract: An enduring challenge for teaching and learning is successful sharing of good teaching ideas, and their adoption by other educators. The new field of learning design offers descriptive frameworks and technologies to address this challenge, and Australia has provided international leadership in this field. This fellowship seeks to build on existing Australian and international research (especially from the UK) to foster the successful adoption of good teaching ideas. The fellowship program will focus on implementing exemplars and supporting information that are most effective in fostering adoption of novel teaching ideas. The program will build on existing conferences and meetings of experts in the field of learning design in Australia and Europe and will bring international experts to Australia for workshops. The outcome of the fellowship will be wider implementation of learning design approaches (including exemplars and practical adoption advice) shared through discipline communities (eg, teacher training, medicine, research methods and volunteering), workshops in each state/territory capital and online communities.

Fellowship discipline: Cross-disciplinary

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