Teaching from Country: Increasing the participation of Indigenous Knowledge Holders in Tertiary Teaching through the use of emerging Digital Technologies

2008 ALTC National Teaching Fellow

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Professor Michael Christie

Fellowship years: 2008 - 2009

Abstract: Indigenous elders from remote communities have had little opportunity to contribute actively to academic teaching in Australian universities, yet there is widespread and increasing acknowledgement of the potential of Indigenous knowledge to enhance our understanding of the environment and ecological systems, of linguistic and biological diversity, culture, history, philosophy, art, health and much more. This Fellowship will bring together: • international experts in the use of digital technologies for knowledge work and e-teaching • Aboriginal knowledge authorities who have experience as university teachers or researchers • Aboriginal knowledge authorities with expertise in digital technology and multimedia • university teachers and students in Indigenous studies including art, language and culture. The collaboration will develop, implement, evaluate and report upon systems for the properly supervised inclusion and active participation of Indigenous knowledge holders living 'on country', in Australian university academic courses, through the use of emerging digital technologies.

Fellowship discipline: Indigenous Studies, Remote, Teaching with digital technologies

Fellowship website: http://learnline.cdu.edu.au/inc/tfc/index.html