Teaching, technology and educational design: the architecture of productive learning environments

2007 ALTC Senior Teaching Fellow

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Professor Peter Goodyear

Fellowship years: 2007 - 2010

Abstract: Slowly but steadily, conceptions of successful higher education are shifting. The focus of attention is moving from what the teacher says to what students do – especially to how they work with new knowledge. The quality of students’ activity is key. The design of good learning tasks, and the design and management of supportive learning environments, are moving centre stage in higher education. This Fellowship aims to help universities become better at design. It will work at three levels: providing resources to help teachers become more proficient at educational design; working with PVCs (Learning & Teaching) and other senior staff to identify strategies that will enable higher education institutions to become more design-savvy places; stimulating and contributing to public debate about the changing nature of teaching work in higher education, and especially about how such teaching can be done in a more principled, professional, enjoyable and effective way.

Fellowship discipline: Education, Learning environments, Social work, Teaching, Technology