Technology for Nurture in Large Classes

2007 ALTC Senior Teaching Fellowship

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Dr Michael Bulmer

Fellowship years: 2007 - 2010

Abstract: The affective dimension of the student learning experience is an important component in academic success but is rarely examined within the higher education context, particularly in large class settings. Given this gap, this Fellowship is to: 1. Investigate affective aspects of learning in large classes through student reflective writing. 2. Explore the relationship between discipline-specific beliefs and affective response in large classes. 3. Develop tools to gather and analyse data for this study that can then also be used by lecturers in a variety of disciplines. 4. Document and disseminate how these tools can be used to ◦ Support pastoral care in large classes through an awareness of affective responses ◦ Instigate professional development of the lecturer by promoting a pedagogic resonance between their teaching and the rich dynamic feedback of student writings Above all, this Fellowship provides the infrastructure for a research-based evaluation methodology that addresses the need to provide nurture in large classes across all disciplines.

Fellowship discipline: Physical sciences, Technology