The development of a national strategic plan for Indonesian in Australian universities

2009 ALTC National Teaching Fellowship

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Emeritus Professor David T. Hill

Fellowship years: 2009 - 2012

Abstract: This fellowship involves a ‘whole of sector’ analysis of the state of Indonesian language learning and teaching in Australian universities. All universities teaching Indonesian will be consulted. Staff there – together with national and state professional associations, and administrative staff within the relevant areas of departments of education – will be involved in an analysis of the problems facing, and strategies viable for, the promotion and advancement of Indonesian language learning. Following consultation with university teaching staff and administrators and the circulation of an interim discussion paper for consideration by stakeholders, a national colloquium of Indonesian language teachers will be held to evaluate the proposals. Drawing upon such analyses and overseas experience, the aim is to develop a national strategy for Indonesian in the Australian university sector, for presentation to government and universities. The process may suggest a possible model for the strategic review of other languages

Fellowship discipline: Humanities, Indonesian language, languages other than English (LOTE)

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