Transforming competency-based assessment in nutrition and dietetics

2014 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

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Associate Professor Claire Palermo

Fellowship years: 2014 - 2015

Abstract: A competent nutrition and dietetics workforce is essential to maintain and improve the health of Australians. Competency-based assessment of mandatory work-based learning is a challenge. Capacity for work-based placements and the need to maintain the quality of learning places pressures on competency based assessment. An effective competency based assessment system has the potential to produce graduates better equipped to deal with current nutrition issues. Recent work has demonstrated the need for robust competency-based assessment systems and to build the capacity of the dietetics profession to deliver best practice work-based assessment. This program of work aims to reform competency-based assessment in dietetics. Specifically, it will work with one program to design revised or new competency-based assessment approaches across multiple workplace-based settings. Through a national Community of Practice, assessors in the discipline will be supported to transform their methods of assessment and lead change. The work has potential to be translated to other health professions.

Fellowship discipline: Health, Nutrition