Unlocking the code to digital literacy

2016 OLT National Teaching Fellowship

Keywords: digital literacy, teaching and learning

Associate Professor Jo Coldwell-Neilson

Fellowship years: 2016 - 2017 (year due to complete)

Abstract: Despite the widespread use of the term digital literacy, there is no common understanding of what is meant by it or what skills it entails. Through an exploration of the digital literacy literature and in consultation with academics, alumni and industry, this Fellowship will build a shared understanding of digital literacy. It will develop a digital literacy benchmark for students entering and graduating from Australian higher education (HE) institutions, bridging the gap between school skills (as defined by the Australian National Curriculum) and workplace skills (as demanded by employers). This understanding will provide grounding and insight for disciplines to interpret digital literacy graduate learning outcomes in their context and thus, improve graduate employability. A diagnostic tool will be built which will provide a means to self‐assess whether the assumed knowledge benchmark is reached and include pointers to resources so users can fill the gaps in their knowledge. The tool will be designed to be extensible and sustainable

Fellowship discipline: Multidisciplinary

Fellowship website: http://www.decodingdigitalliteracy.org