Using cost-effective multimedia to create engaging learning experiences in law and other disciplines

2009 ALTC Teaching Fellowship

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Professor Des Butler

Fellowship years: 2009 - 2011

Abstract: This fellowship is designed to address the needs of two separate groups of learners: (1) final year law students studying ethics and (2) law academics and other interested educators in higher education wishing to use ICT to create engaging learning environments for their students but lacking the capacity to do so. It will infuse final year law students with an improved appreciation of ethical practice than they receive from traditional lecture/tutorial means by creating an integrated program of blended learning entitled Entry into Valhalla. This ‘ethics capstone’ will utilise multimedia produced using cost-effective resources (including the Second Life virtual environment) to create engaging, contextualised learning experiences. The fellowship will also construct the knowledge of producing cost-effective multimedia projects by other law academics and other educators in higher education through staff development activities comprising workshops, conference presentations and an interactive website using Entry into Valhalla as a case study exemplar.

Fellowship discipline: Ethics, Law