Work it out: enhancing students’ problem solving skills by modelling how to “work it out” in a just-in-time learning environment

2013 OLT National Teaching Fellow

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Dr Christine Creagh

Fellowship years: 2013 - 2016

Abstract: Many students arrive at university without the basic skills and background they need to study physics at a first year university level. This is a significant problem because it has an impact on the success rate of students in degrees that include first year physics as a core subject. This fellowship will develop open education, online resources depicting experts actively engaged in physics related "Work It Out" activities. These online resources will act as reference material to support student learning by modelling and mapping the capabilities, thought processes and skills used by experts during "Work It Out" activities. To help me accomplish these outcomes I will form a community of scholars to determine common characteristics by which to assess WIO presentations with regard to content and quality. This community of scholars will then be extended into an online social network to collaboratively create, distribute and discuss "Work It Out" material.

Fellowship discipline: Physical sciences

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