• Not drowning, waving (though the sniff of a lifeline wouldn’t go astray): A 2017 HE retrospective.

    12th December 2017

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    2017 in review: All at sea?

    It might fairly be observed that 2017 has been a(nother) year of turbulent ebbs and flows for Australian higher education. But, as we ride the waves towards year’s end, despite my instinctively black-hat inclinations, I remain hopeful for our pedagogical soul, despite the contrary winds that buffet our sector.

    While we worry and wait for the inevitable Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) higher education (HE) cuts – Will it be HEPPP? Or research funding? Will caps be reimposed? Some other debilitating, unanticipated expenditure reduction to throw us off course? – despite everything, we will mostly continue, quite virtuously, to do our research, teach and support our students, redesign our 21st century curricula to prepare students for an uncertain world of future work, and engage with our multitude of communities. Because that is what we do. And we do it with passion and earnest integrity because we know in our hearts and minds that, quite fundamentally, what we do has the potential to make a very real difference to individual lives and extended communities.

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