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  • CMM Series

    4th December 2019

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    Campus Morning Mail is currently publishing a series of short thought pieces by Fellows. Each piece is featured every day for a week in CMM and we are most grateful for that interest and the opportunity to continue contributing to the national L&T agenda. You can find the full list of published articles here.

  • President’s Message | April 2019

    10th April 2019

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    Dear Colleagues

    I hope everyone is having a happy and productive year so far and that you are looking forward to the Easter break.

    Ever since the ALTF was formed in 2011, I imagine that we all suspected that funding to support its ongoing sector-wide engagement and sustainability would dry up at some point. In 2019, we have finally arrived at that place. But we go out with a bang and not a whimper, and remain hopeful that all Fellows will continue to fight the good learning and teaching fight and advocate for excellence and innovation in our sector to the continued benefit of our students and the national interest, in both its social cohesion and national productivity aspects.

    In that vein, we have two pieces of particularly good news. First, in our latest Student Success Blog post, Professor Jessica Vanderlelie shares her insights on transforming alumni engagement in Australia.

    Secondly, you will see below that our small Secretariat team have been busy over the last couple of months producing a 2019 ALTF Legacy Report. In that wonderful and validating collection, peppered with testimonials contributed by Australian higher education leadership, I write in the first few paras as follows:

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  • ALTF Student Success Series | Beyond Time, Talent and Treasure: The case for transforming alumni engagement in Australia

    1st April 2019

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    For our Student Success Blog series, our ALT Fellows contribute to the conversation on sector wide issues around student success in higher education. Here, Professor Jessica Vanderlelie of La Trobe University shares her insights on transforming alumni engagement in Australia.

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